tinyLiDAR Mounting Bracket Kit

//tinyLiDAR Mounting Bracket Kit

tinyLiDAR Mounting Bracket Kit


tinyLiDAR “bracket” PCB Kit

Universal PCB to help with mounting tinyLiDAR sensors

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This board can be used to mount a single sensor at 90deg using the provided right-angle header pins for the Radar Sketch or three sensors at proper angles as used in the “Follow-Me 2” Sketch by using only the M2x10mm screws provided.


  • Universal tinyLiDAR un-populated double-sided PCB
  • eight M2x10mm socket cap screws
  • two 10pin strips of straight-thru 0.1inch header pins
  • two 10pin strips of 90deg 0.1inch header pins

Additional information

Weight 15 g
Dimensions 46 × 59 × 1.6 mm

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